Moments Eluding (Solo Piano Series Vol. 3)
Release date: October, 2012

Kning Disk presents Moments Eluding by Greg Haines, volume three of the young and ongoing solo piano series curated by Peter Broderick.

Greg Haines is a composer and musician from England currently residing in Berlin. After three beautifully slowpaced albums for the Miasmah, Sonic Pieces and Preservation labels, Greg recently worked with the Dutch National Ballet and Holland Symfonia for the production of DAY4, a new ballet by choreographer David Dawson. 

Whereas Greg's albums are often centered around a densely layered sonic atmosphere, his live shows can be stripped to the bone with Greg losing himself at the piano, almost punk rock in execution. Moments Eluding is an attempt to capture that raw and curious action at the keys. 

The album begins with the chiming thunk of a low string on the grand piano being struck, Greg bent over the piano with his fingers inside. Slowly he lowers to sitting at the piano and proceeds with a hauntingly sparse rendition of Snow Airport, the opening track from his debut album Slumber Tides (2006 Miasmah). 

Recorded one day in December 2010 at the now defunct Tabalet Estudis outside Valencia (Spain) with Peter Broderick in the control room or on the studio floor, Moments flows fluidly between improvisational snippets and carefully executed compositions. It also finally gives a recorded life to several gorgeous pieces which before could only heard at Greg's live shows, such as the patient centerpiece With Everything That Breathes, gently begging the listener to hang on for the next note. And then there's the hypnotic cascade that is The Spin.

The album closes with one of the first songs Greg wrote on the piano. The brief Better sits like a calm yet firm lid on top of a bottle of yearning piano tones. First yearning to be played, now yearning to be heard.

Kning Disk proudly presents: Greg Haines - Moments Eluding (Solo Piano Series Vol. 3). Release in August 2012.

Produced by Peter Broderick. Recorded December 15, 2010 at Tabalet Estudis (Alboraia, Valencia). Session organized and assisted by Raúl Pastor Medall. Engineered by Juan Carlos Tomás Castillo. Mixed by Greg Haines and Peter Broderick. Mastered by Nils Frahm.

Cover photograph by Peter Broderick. Session photographs by Raúl Pastor Medall. Design by Mattias Nilsson.

CD/DL/Vinyl (Limited Edition of 333 copies).

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