Release date: 19th of June 2013
CD (Ltd Ed 499 copies)
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Misophone - Before the waves roll in (CD, DL)

All songs by M.A. Welsh and S. Herbert except The fear by Pulp and Mother’s last word to her son by Washington Phillips.

Artwork By Jockum Nordström
Cover: Fakultät (Collage, 115x86 cm)
Back cover: Devoted To You (Graphite drawing, 36x48 cm)
CD: Anything new out there? (Graphite drawing, 30x40 cm)

(c)+(p) 2013 Kning Disk. KD110.
Limited Edition of 499 copies.

Distributed by Border Music.

01. I too allow myself to dream
02. White horses in a yellow sun (•)
03. Hide from reality
04. A postcard from the past
05. Old unwelcome guest
06. The fear
07. In search of beauty
08. A mother's last word to her son (•)
09. Backwards up a stream (•)
10. In search of beauty (reprise)
11. There's nothing wrong with love
12. The waiting game
13. The year the curtains froze
14. Never forget (••)
15. Sleep soundly in the setting sun 
16. Don't make room for the devil
17. Mountain low
18. The guillotine walls (••)
19. The last bastion
20. Before the waves roll in  
(•) w/ Aubben Renée
(••) w/ Alone with King Kong courtesy of Chez Kito Kat Records
Cover: Jockum Nordström - Fakultät
Back cover: Jockum Nordström - Devoted To You
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