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Alexander Turnquist - Apneic

Alexander Turnquist - Apneic

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Catalogue No.: KD039
Release date: 1 June 2007

Apneic (“apnea” is defined as “temporary absence or cessation of breathing”) contains an exceptionally beautiful trio of pieces Turnquist created in two improv sessions using acoustic instruments, old tape recorders, and an electronically-channeled cell phone. Though it's short at thirty-five minutes, Apneic's contents are substantial enough that the release never feels too short. Two pieces frame a central, twenty-three dronescape: “Idle Nightmare” opens the album with glistening picking and entrancing cycles while “$130” closes it with tolling chimes. In “Electric Lines,” long flowing streams slowly build in intensity until, at the halfway mark, percussive pings and tolling chords swell in volume, turning the piece into an immense, opaque mass of lulling tones and textures. The piece takes a beautiful left turn with three minutes remaining when acoustic guitar picking supplants the drone, and then abruptly changes character a final time when the guitar morphs into extended vaporous tones. -textura

1. Idle Nightmare
2. Electric Lines
3. $130

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