Balroynigress - Shampoo & Champagne – Kning Disk
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Balroynigress - Shampoo & Champagne

Balroynigress - Shampoo & Champagne

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CD (Ltd Ed of 900 handmade copies)
Downlad (MP3/FLAC)

Catalogue No.: KD022
Release date: 12 March 2007

Basically a one man project by the visual artist, as well as songwriter and musical artist, Erik Jeor, Shampoo & Champagne is the Kning Disk debut and the very first installation of Balroynigress. Here a Swedish-French trio, the group consists, apart from the Swedish third part Jeor (song, guitar, bass and synthesizer), of Bill van Cutten (song, drums, melodica and synthesizer) and Elvire Soyes (song).

The ten tracks on the album are characterized by performances that with justification could be described as economical and scaled down. The lesser format also applies for space of time, instead of longer excesses, the choice is consistently to rather let carrying ideas and structure, with an explicit focus on the wholeness that is Shampoo & Champagne, get its expressions in a concentrated form. Harmony and experiment partakes in a balanced unity; simple and fragile melodies of an almost sing-along type shifts to broken up, yet tranquil, excursions. Acoustic guitar, organ, bass and simple synthesizer arrangements creates room and light background tapestry for the poetic lyrics, often performed for two voices by Jeor and van Cutten.

Shampoo & Chapagne is the state of being after the end of history and love. Hope and longings are small and pitiful against the background of melancholy acceptance that haunts the unheroic adjusted everyday life with its failures and inadequacies. God seems absent, existence absurd. The music of Balroynigress gives both a bittersweet voice to this condition and an antibiotic treatment against the usual banalities of pop music; it wants to wash our brains with shampoo and champagne.

The cd-release is handmade and a limited edition of 900 copies. Apart from the lyrics, the foldout cover is adorned by a watercolour print of Erik Jeor.

01. Postlove
02. Go go go
03. Antibiotic popmusic
04. The landlords loveaffair
05. I like the time
06. As silent as the trees
07. Twenty neon lighted feet underground
08. Shampoo and champagne
09. Morphine and cookies
10. The landlords loveaffair (part two)

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