Dan Fröberg - Säg, är det konstigt att man längtar bort nån gång? – Kning Disk
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Dan Fröberg - Säg, är det konstigt att man längtar bort nån gång?

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CD (Limited edition of 500 handmade copies)
Downlad (MP3/FLAC)

Catalogue No.: KD026
Release date: 1 Dec 2009

The latest and brand new release by artist and composer Dan Fröberg is, as always, yet another fascinating glimpse into the magical worlds and universes of his, always filtered through layers of reality. 13 tracks, 13 journeys. Voices, sounds and instruments creates a complex score; swirling around in an altered, and hallucinating interpretation of reality as we know it; constantly shifting shape and context. As Dan Fröberg says: -Reality is always stranger than fiction.

People, places, visions, rooms, dreams, ghosts, surroundings, remembrances, time and space; all and everything constantly seem to reveal themselves as something differently else after a while. You always have to listen and look a far distance closer (from a totally other and reversed direction) in order to see and hear what is really going on.

And when you do, you realise that you are not here at all...
Dan Fröberg is a skilled master of composing these, almost cinematic, maps to the unknown, and “-Säg är det konstigt att man längtar bort nån gång?” is another unique statement of this knowledge and vision.

The accompanying book is a text-work of Fröberg to be read and re-read and re-read again; the multi-layered story might be taking place in the Swedish town of Halmstad. We cannot be too sure though...
But, Kning Disk is completely sure of that yet another totally uniqe work of Dan Fröberg is now being published; -Säg är det konstigt att man längtar bort nån gång? (Kning Disk 069).

This recording is subsidized by the Swedish national council for cultural affairs.

1. Ett
2. Två
3. Tre
4. Fyra
5. Fem
6. Sex
7. Sju
8. Åtta
9. Nio
10. Tio
11. Elva
12. Tolv
13. Tretton

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