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Dan Fröberg - Stellar Burnout

Dan Fröberg - Stellar Burnout

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CD (Limited edition of 300 handmade copies)
Downlad (MP3/FLAC)

Catalogue No.: KD026
Release date: January 1, 2007

Artist and composer Dan Fröberg travels freely between and above borders and distinctions.

Music, visual art, performance, video, literature; the worlds in where Fröberg inhabits and lives, and also invites his audiences to, are many and multi-facetted, but always utterly carefully composed with both an open awareness and a concentrated playfulness. Things and sounds are not always what they seem. Stellar Burnout is no exception.

Composed and recorded in Göteborg in 2005, Stellar Burnout is no less than an audio- and visual cosmology, in where the music, in close connection to the text and visuals in the cd-booklet (as always, all done by Fröberg); provides us with a logic of its own. Heavenly bodies in their spheres, galaxies, stars, black holes, cosmic remembrances, confusion and configurations; the visions are painted with powerful, and sometimes even chaotically psychedelic brushes. A random quote from the cd-booklet: "when the motion from the space is sufficiently oblique to counteract the excess of its velocity, the two bodies move on together, and the planet appears to be directly under our feet."

The elementary laws of physics seem to be put out of order in Stellar Burnout; time lapses occur, unexpected elements passes by, and, every now and then, emergency landings on our own brightly glowing planet. Field recordings from unknown places, glass instruments, guitars, drums, and the extraordinary vocals of Chinese artist Zhang Qiongfei; the listener most often finds her- or himself immersed in various inner (and outer) spaces, bouncing freely between microcosmos and macrocosmos.

"My goodness Toto, we´re not in Kansas anymore"
(L. Frank Baum)

1. End Of The Show (Somewhere Under The Same Sky We Let The Genie Out Of The Bottle)
2. Take A Left At The Crossroads
3. Are We Talking About That Old Resurrection Shuffle Here?
4. What I Need Is A Ghost
5. In Answer To A Prayer, The Phone Rang
6. Past And Future Receded And All That Mattered Was The Now And The Connection, And Moving Beyond The Game Back To Where It All Had Started (Space Hymn)
7. Details Were Correct, But Overall The Order Made No Sense: How Had We Got To Where We Were?
8. There Has To Be A Shadow And This Is It
9. Crossing A Line Beyond Which There Is No More Left To Cross And Through Which There Is No Way Back
10. The Third Testament

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