Erik Enocksson - Farväl Falkenberg – Kning Disk
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Erik Enocksson - Farväl Falkenberg

Erik Enocksson - Farväl Falkenberg

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CD (1st Edition. Ltd Ed of 550 handmade copies incl bonus-cdr)
CD (2nd Edition. Ltd Ed of 999 handmade copies with a booklet)
CD (3rd Edition. Ltd Ed of 1999 handmade & numbered copies incl 3 photographs)

Catalogue No.: KD020
Release date: 1 Jan 2007

4/5 MOJO 8/10 It's a Trap 4/5 GP 5/7 Groove

Farväl Falkenberg could be the soundtrack to rural anywhere, but it’s not.

The album from Stockholm-based composer, Erik Enocksson, has all the ingredients of eerie, woodland-influenced sounds (see: chiming bells, heavy organ use, perpetual dusk) as well as enough ethereal vocals to bring rustic porch culture to anyone’s mind. That being said, it is also an album with an undeniable sense of “home”.

Released by Kning Disk, a Göteborg, Sweden based label which specializes in limited edition releases by similarly inventive composers, Farväl Falkenberg reverberates with the sounds of small town Swedish life. Influenced by the coastal, southwestern area of the country, the record has more than enough woodsy magic to carry the listener well through the finely crafted, brambly sounds and out to some porch in the middle of nowhere with your father and a hunting rifle.

The soundtrack to the recent film by the same name, which has been receiving numerous accolades both in Sweden and abroad, Farväl Falkenberg is a compilation of ten tracks containing songs recorded during the shooting of the film as well as impressive, sweeping instrumental compositions added later in Enocksson’s apartment.

Complete with breezy, intermittent whistling and the sounds of Enocksson’s old pump organ wheezing in the background, Farväl Falkenberg achieves many things at once. As often as the tracks are hushed and deliberate, they are never begging for climactic mood. No, quite the contrary — having not only created a lush record full of thick, backcountry piano and raw, acoustic guitar waltzes, Enocksson has more importantly produced an album that effortlessly translates the feeling of isolation (both geographically and emotionally) in an intensely personal way you don’t often come across.

The first edition of this release also includes a special bonus cd-r with additional music by the composer and pianist, Josefin Gavie.

01. The joy of D.H. Lawrence*
02. Dusk settles in
03. The breaking of waves
04. The nylon waltz
05. What drove her shivering into the cold, cold...
06. The state the sea left me in
07. Thru thick night
08. With its dark tail curled 'round the garage #1
09. The sea waltz
10. The lingering procession - Also known as The slow walk towards death **

* The joy of D.H. Lawrence written by E. Enocksson and Jörgen Svensson. ** The lingering procession choir: Cecilia Gustafsson, Anna Larsdotter Persson, Malin Nyqvist Jansson, Elin Ryner, Jennie Johansson and Evelina Wärle. Recorded at GTP Studio by Tomas Brisman.

Mastered by Andreas Tilliander/Repeatle. Embroidery by Christin Wahlström. Photograph (inside) by Tommy Johansson. Design by Mattias Nilsson. Thanks to Jesper Ganslandt, Fredrik Wenzel, Peter Rolandsson, Christin Wahlström, Patrik Söderman, Sara Gelston, Anna Anthony, Rasmus Thord and Mattias Nilsson. For my family and my loving friends.

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