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Blue For Two - Tune the piano, hand me a razor

Blue For Two - Tune the piano, hand me a razor

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Catalogue No.: KD081
Release date: 6 Feb 2012

(5/6) GAFFA (5/6) Nöjesguiden (4/5) Dagens Nyheter (4/5) NWT (4/5) Smålandsposten (4/6) SVD

Blue For Two are back!!

To most people Blue For Two aren´t in need of any further presentation. During the second half of the 1980´s and the first half of the 90´s they were one of the dominating acts on the alternative musicscene of Sweden. But today it was a long while since the constellation released a new fullengthalbum. 14 years ago to be more precise. With this in regard, a brand new Blue For Two-album is close to a sensational happening. Blue For Two started already in 1984 as a cooperation between musician and producer Henryk Lipp and the excentric and multitalented singer Freddie Wadling. "Me, Freddie & Machines" as Henryk Lipp once put it.

This time around they have - compared to their earlier productions- recorded in a bit of different kind of way. To begin with it´s not just Henryk, Freddie and the machines anymore. They have also been using a wide range of different sessionmusicians. "Tune The Piano And Hand Me A Razor" consists of 10 tracks, each and everyone with it´s very own uniqueness and specificity.

The songs has in most cases occured through jamsessions in the studio and all music, including the vocals, have been recorded at the same time. Everything is in principle and in other words recorded "live" in the studio and eventual overdubs are ridicilously easy to count. Henryk Lipp is eager to stress that they have done everything like in the case with old Jazz och Blues-recordings. No strings attached and without safetynet.

This way of doing it has partly made "Tune The Piano And Hand Me A Razor" to be Blue For Two´s so far most naked and primal-bluesy album to date. Seven of the ten tracks are their own material and the remaining three are interpretations of John Mayall, Larry Fischer and Bo Diddley. It has always been a fact that artists like for instance Captain Beefheart, Leadbelly and Howlin´Wolf have been an influence on Blue For Two. But never before has it been as obvious as now.

As always, when it comes to Blue For Two in general, also this is - even especially - a fantastically, wuthering and sometimes purely magically experience. In a disrespectful, exciting and innovative musical surrounding. Viewed through a caleidoscopic filter of soundstages that touches your very inner being.

Feel most welcome to enter the ghost train, for a scary, exciting, imaginative and inspiring journey which will leave nobody unmoved...

1. Cherokee Dance
2. Lion's Den
3. Dark Rising
4. Derailroaded
5. Riot Without Reason
6. Ugly Child
7. Living For Today
8. Crawler
9. I'm Your Witch Doctor
10. We Don't Dance

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