Erik Enocksson - Skinnskatteberg – Kning Disk
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Erik Enocksson - Skinnskatteberg

Erik Enocksson - Skinnskatteberg

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DVD (Ltd Ed of 500 handmade copies)

Catalogue No.: KD080
Release date: 21 March 2011

A concert film by Jesper Ganslandt with Erik Enocksson

Dawn in the Västmanlandia woods. A small group of people work in the otherwise quiet forest. A piano is placed in the moss and sinks down. An organ and amplifier is placed just next to it. The choir finds its position in between the pine trees. Erik Enocksson begins his exclusive performance at the same time as the rain begins to fall over Skinnskatteberg. It is night when the concert is over. SKINNSKATTEBERG is a unique concert film by Jesper Ganslandt

About the director
Jesper Ganslandt (born 1978) is an auto didact film maker. He debuted with the feature FALKENBERG FAREWELL (2006) which gained national and international acclaim. Jesper never goes to concerts. SKINNSKATTEBERG is his first one in years.

About the artist
Erik Enocksson (born 1978) wrote the music to FALKENBERG FAREWELL as well as to BURROWING (Berlinale 2009). The film music is released by the record lable Kning Disk, which also released Enocksson’s second album, »With its dark tail curled ’round the garage«. Erik recently stopped playing live. The concert in the woods is his last one.

DIRECTOR, EDITING, DoP: Jesper Ganslandt
PRODUCERS: Jesper Ganslandt, Erika Wasserman, Jesper Kurlandsky
SOUND: Pawel Lucki
MUSIC: Erik Enocksson with band
DURATION: 30 min
GENRE: Concert film
FORMAT: Mpeg2 HD/Dolby 5.1, DVD/Stereo
PRODUCED IN COOPERATION WITH: Film i Halland, Film i Västmanland

1. Harsh and stubborn that river bends
2. The joy of D.H. Lawrence
3. Think of me as the sea
4. The state the sea left her in
5. Skinnskatteberg
6. Dark and shrewd, no river ever ends
7. What drove her shivering into the cold, cold sea

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