Greg Malcolm - Some Other Time – Kning Disk
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Greg Malcolm - Some Other Time

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Catalogue No.: KD059
Release date: August 1st 2009

Malcolm’s latest release Some Other Time on Swedish label Kning Disk is an exquisite CD and DVD box set.
Each disc features different compositions and improvisations that document Malcolm’s work with solo simultaneously played multiple guitar performance (SSPMGP for short). Some Other Time continues Malcolm’s journey with three guitars and a suitcase as he revisits and reworks material from previous releases including Homesick for Nowhere, Hung, Swimming in it and Leather and Lacy.
The DVD was shot early in 2008 and produced and edited by Christchurch film maker John Christoffels. Through the use of close ups and various angles we see what may not be seen in a live audience situation.

The accompanying CD is a beautiful recording of a live concert in Goteborg (Sweden) in 2006. Making this box set the perfect companion for one another as it presents a comprehensive overview of Malcolm’s work with simultaneously played multiple guitar performance thus far.
Solo simultaneously played multiple guitar performances. Did you get that? Multiple guitars all played at once by the same player. No processing or effects, just a bunch of guitars. Some contact mic-ed, some with extra strings and springs and things, one at his side, one at his feet, one in his lap. And wow is this strange and beautiful. Absolutely amazing, must be a wonder to see these pieces performed live too... Aquarius Records
The DVD reveals Malcolm in the pursuit of certain sounds as he contorts and balances. Sounds are directly related to movements almost like involuntary dance. It is not so much music for moving as moving for music.
Greg Malcolm’s set up includes a specifically designed adapted guitar, two floor guitars (both played with his feet) as well as various personal effects such as springs, mini –fans, knives, e-bow, steel wool, camera flashers, cheap toys, radios, cello bow and more. These extended timbres combined with Greg’s unique melodic sensibility and compositional style creates a very personal music. To achieve this effective and stirring ambience, Malcolm has also added what he calls, “floor guitars” to his one-man orchestra, which acts as an extension to the instrument he already strums. When played with a mini-fan or an E-bow, his two floor guitars emit a series of low drones that acts as accompaniment for the more complex sounds produced from Malcolm’s rebuilt guitar-in essence, a six string equivalent to John Cage’s prepared piano, where unlimited combinations of resonance and timbre result from the alterations and additions to his guitar arsenal. The Wire February 2006 Edwin Pouncey


1. Lonely Woman (*)
2. Homesick for Nowhere
3. Chairman Mao (**)
4. Rambling Man (***)
5. Incident at Owl Creek
6. Spatula Boy
7. Depresso Guitar

1. Swimming in it
2. Hung
3. Lost in time
4. Last dance
5. Staring at the sun
6. Art
7. Spanish flang dang extras

8. Bells
9. Prayer
10. Incident at owl creek
11. Maltronics

DVD Camera: Jenny Ward, Thomas Reveley, Margaret Collier, John Chrisstoffels. Filmed early 2008. Produced, directed and edited by John Chrisstoffels. CD * Ornette Coleman ** Charlie Haden *** Hank Williams. Recorded live at Kulturhuset Underjorden in Göteborg Sweden on August 12 2006. All pieces are solo simultaneously played multiple guitar performances. Engineered, mixed & mastered by Rune Johansson. Design by Mattias Nilsson. Thanks to Creative New Zealand and Mattias Nilsson, Per Gisle Galåen and the Safe as Milk festival.

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