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Henrik Rylander - Public Loudspeakers - Information & Disinformation

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BOOK + CD (Ltd Ed of 500 copies)
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Catalogue No.: KD021
Release date: 15 March 2007

At noon Japanese time on Aug. 15, a message recorded by Hirohito was broadcast throughout Japan. Citizens gathered around public loudspeakers, heads bowed in reverence; they had never before heard their Emperor’s voice.

Public Loudspeakers — Information and Disinformation
by Henrik Rylander is a beautifully photographed and printed document of a power and control system, as common as the CCTV cameras and with a long history of war propaganda, here for the first time revealed and exposed in an art context.

Public loudspeakers in streets, squares, stadiums, arenas, department stores and in connection to public transportation, in the three largest swedish cities; Stockholm, Göteborg and Malmö, has been photographed by Rylander during the fall of 2006. The main concept of the work is to illuminate both the fact of how these loudspeakers has in history been an important tool of power through propaganda, and the possible future of an even more Orwellish scenario: The use of public loudspeakers in addition to the CCTV cameras as means of government power and control.

With the book comes also an audio CD titled: Information & Disinformation for Public Loudspeakers. The sound source of the CD is the data from the .tif files of the photographs in the book, processed with various computer software. The result is 58 minutes of powerful drone music filled with information and disinformation.

Supported by The Arts Grants Committee, The Visual Arts Fund of Sweden


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