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The Bats - The Retrospective 1984-2009

The Bats - The Retrospective 1984-2009

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Catalogue No.: KD066
Release date: 2009

The Bats are an influential New Zealand rock band formed in 1982 in Christchurch by Paul Kean (bass, b/voc), Malcolm Grant (drums), Robert Scott (guitar, vocals) and Kaye Woodward (guitar, b/voc). Though primarily a Christchurch band, The Bats have strong links to Dunedin and are usually grouped in with the Dunedin Sound bands that emerged from that southern city in the early 1980s.
The quartet released three EPs on Flying Nun; By Night (1984), ‘..and here is “Music for the Fireside” (1985) and Made up in Blue (1986) before releasing their first full-length critically acclaimed album, Daddy's Highway, in 1987.
After a couple of tours to the US and Europe the band took a short break, with Scott joining his former band The Clean on a reunion tour, while Woodward gave birth. When the band resumed recording, the result was the 1989 release of The Law of Things, which featured violin by Alastair Galbraith.
Scott is a prolific songwriter with many musical commitments. As well as The Bats and The Clean, he has also been involved with other bands, notably The Magick Heads, and solo projects. Albums and tours by these bands have been organised largely on a rotation basis. Primarily due to this, the other members aside from Robert Scott are in a side-project band, Minisnap, featuring Kaye Woodwards songs.
1991 saw The Bats sign to Mammoth Records in the US, releasing the full-length album, Fear of God. Other albums and an EP followed: Silverbeet (1993), Spill the Beans (EP, 1994), Couchmaster (1995), and two retrospective compilations, Compiletely Bats (which collected the tracks from the Bats three early EPs) and Thousands Of Tiny Luminous Spheres. At the National Grid, was released in September, 2005 on Little Teddy Records in Germany, Magic Marker in the US and Egg Records in the UK.
The Bats latest release, The Guilty Office, is set for Scandinavian release on 1 June 2009 through Kning Disk.

1. I Go Wild
2. Claudine
3. Made Up in Blue
4. Take It
5. North By North
6. Straight Through My Heart
7. Never said goodbye
8. Passed By
9. Boogey Man
10. The Old Ones
11. You Know We Shouldn't
12. Courage
13. No Time For Your Kind
14. For the ride
15. The Flowers And The Trees
16. The Rays
17. Stepping Out
18. Crimson Enemy

1. Taken from the 12" ep "By Night" Flying Nun Records, FN024, 1984
2. Taken from the 12" ep "And Here Is “Music for the Fireside”!" Flying Nun Records, FN031, 1985 03) Taken from the 12" ep "Made up in Blue" Flying Nun Records, FN060, 1986
4-5. Taken from the album "Daddy’s Highway" Flying Nun Records, FN079, 1987
6. Taken from the 12" ep "4 Songs" Flying Nun Records, FN104, 1988
7. Taken from the album "The Law Of Things" Flying Nun Records, FN121, 1990
8. Taken from the 7" ep "Smoking Her Wings" Flying Nun Records, FN124, 1990
9-11. Taken from the album "Fear of God" Flying Nun Records, FN217, 1991
12-13. Taken from the album "Silverbeet" Flying Nun Records, FN260, 1993
14. Taken from the album "Couchmaster" Flying Nun Records, FN301, 1995
15-16. Taken from the album "At The National Grid" Magic Marker Records, MMR034, 2005
17-18. Taken from the album "The Guilty Office" Kning Disk, KD067, 2009

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