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The Embassy - Sweet Sensation

The Embassy - Sweet Sensation

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LP (Ltd Ed black 12" Vinyl)
Downlad (MP3/FLAC)

Catalogue No.: KD101
Release date: 30 Jan 2013

The Embassy are Sweden's most influential musical export since the turn of 2000. Formed in 1999 by Fredrik Lindson and Torbjörn Håkansson, their debut 2002 album, Futile Crimes, began a revitalization of Swedish pop music revolving around the coastal city of Gothenburg. The years immediately following would see the rise the Swedish Balearica sound through celebrated bands such as Air France, The Tough Alliance, Studio and Little Dragon - of which, The Tough Alliance and Studio named their record labels after Embassy songs: Sincerely Yours and Information, respectively.

The Embassy's sound is glittering, sunny, perverted, and elegant. It's oftentimes warm but underneath the surface exists a special tension -- expertly designed and only waiting discovery by the listener. Those lucky individuals that found The Embassy through their partnership with legendary Swedish imprint Service were treated to some of the most forward-thinking, effortlessly catchy indie-leaning pop music to see release.

Throughout this time, The Embassy achieved cult status across music circles around the world. Whether it was their deceivingly simple release notes and biographies, to their proclamation "the album format is dead" in 2006, only to release single after single for the next several years. The Embassy picked up numerous awards and topped best-of lists, especially with their 2002 Service debut, Futile Crimes, and 2005's landmark LP, Tacking. Life in the trenches – The other side of 2001-2011 appears as a collection of singles and b-sides from The Embassy's "single years" to universal acclaim.

As if no time has passed between past and present, that warm sonic breeze from Gothenburg (juxtaposed to its chilly real-life temps) has picked up again with the coming of Sweet Sensation and The Embassy's first collection of new material in eight years.

This new album finds The Embassy looking back while looking to a future not so far away, still brimming with ideas and living up to their reputation as Sweden’s prime pop professors.

1. Roundkick
2. Related Artist
3. International
4. Livin' Is Easy
5. Nightshift
6. I-D
7. It's Always A New Thing
8. U
9. Everything I Ever Wanted

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