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V/A - Hälsningar från skogen

V/A - Hälsningar från skogen

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CD (Ltd. Ed. Box set of 500 handmade copies with a book (44 pages / size: 165x165 mm)
Downlad (MP3/FLAC)

Catalogue No.: KD063
Release date: 27 May 2009

With visual precision and attention to detail, feature film debutant Mikel Cee Karlsson captures people and their existence in a small village deep inside the Swedish forest. Over a period of four years, the music video director and former professional skateboarder Mikel has been capturing singular scenes from a part of today's Sweden where reality inexorably seeps in behind the well-kept hedges. With a mixture of playful precision, humour and melancholy he portrays people's dreams, their relationships and everyday destinies. Greetings from the Woods is a visual and personal portrait of Swedish rural life stripped bare.

    01. Jan Lindblad - Entonigt ringer den lilla klockan
    02. Tired Tape Machine - Like Glass
    03. Chaz Knapp - Acceptance of fate
    04. Jean-Louis Huhta - Each day
    05. Peter Broderick - A Song For The Cranes
    06. Hans Appelqvist - Hälsningar från skogen
    07. Tired Tape Machine - Life is a joke
    08. Tape- Beams
    09. José González - 07.11.11
    10. The Dead Sea - Nulla desiderata

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