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V/A - The Göteborg String Theory

V/A - The Göteborg String Theory

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2xLP (Ltd Ed of 399 numbered copies. Black 12" Vinyl. Gatefold Sleeve)
2xCD (1299 Numbered and handmade copies)

Catalogue No.: KD075
Release date: 18 June 2010

A wild collaboration between classical composers from Berlin and pop artists from Göteborg! Midaircondo, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Pacific!, Studio, Jaqee, Jaw Lesson aka Hajen, Silverbullit, El Perro Del Mar, José González, Fox Machine, Ebbot Lundberg (The Soundtrack of Our Lives), Bow & Arrow and Jmy Haze are among those local artists that collaborate with representatives of the art-electro-collective Warren Suicide, the production company Transporterraum and the Party Arty beat poetry club from Berlin in the music-art-project “The Göteborg String Theory”.

Selected songs by mentioned artists were arranged by the composers Nackt, Ben Lauber and Nils Tegen for the string quartet Qvartiett and other classical musicians. Together with the artists the new renditions were rehearsed and documented during a five day workshop and then performed for the first time at the Clandestino Festival.

The next performance will be at Göteborgs Konserthus the 17th of April 2010. Even more artists will join The Göteborg String Theory on this excep- tional evening and premiere their songs in new arrangements: shooting star Anna von Hausswolff, Daniel Gilbert who has recently released his highly acclaimed solo album and noise avantgardists The Skull Defekts featuring hardcore legend Daniel Higgs from Baltimore.

The idea of the musical String Theory was born in Berlin in 2007 and developed by Nackt, Chérie, Yaneq and Ben Lauber among others. The first ever appearance is known as The Berlin String Theory which involved more than 100 musicians, artists, producers, journalists, designers, technicians, visual artists, a documentary film team, painters and poets. Berlin was the ignition spark and Göteborg is the explosion: a cross-artistic international Big Bang, involving even more people contributing to this unique project. Artistic directors for The Göteborg String Theory are Sebastian Gäbel and Nathalie Barusta Gäbel.

The Göteborg String Theory is arranged by the Signal society in cooperation with Chéz Chérie e.V. and Kning Disk, with kind support from Västra Göta- landsregionen, Goethe Institut, Göteborg & Co, Statens Kulturråd, Clandestino Festival, Göteborgs Konserthus, Kokokaka and Konstnärsnämnden.

Ben Lauber - Sadludium
Warren Suicide - Fuck Off, Happy
Jmy Haze - Promise
Bow & Arrow - Higher
Silverbullit - Magnetic City
Pacific! Feat. El Perro Del Mar - From Lips Divine
José González - Cycling Trivialities
Wildbirds & Peacedrums - So Soft So Pink
Ebbot Lundberg - There's Only One Of Us Here
Jaqee - Kokoo Girl
Fox Machine - Frank Lloyd Was Wright
Jaw Lesson - Rats And Rifles
Midaircondo - Come With Me
Studio - West Coast
El Perro Del Mar - A Better Love

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