Albert af Ekenstam - Angel Liz – Kning Disk
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Albert af Ekenstam - Angel Liz

Albert af Ekenstam - Angel Liz

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Catalogue No.: KD129
Release date: 8 April 2016

"Lean back comfortably, open your mind to your heart.
Take a deep breath and let the journey begin here..."

Friday the 16 of October 2015 Albert af Ekenstam from Gothenburg released his first debut single "Walking". The sound of a delicate, intimate and soulful song reached us with deep clarity and at once Gothenburg had found a new favorite artist.

* "we can’t wait to hear more from Albert af Ekenstam" - Mattias El Mansouri, Ge hit Musiken. * "one classic beauty that makes us longing for more" - Redaktionen, Hymn. * "so exited to hear and see where this lands" - Que. club, Djungeltrumman

April 1st 2016 Albert af Ekenstam will release his second single "Angel Liz" (Kning Disk), and for everyone who has been waiting to hear more from Albert af Ekenstam will have their high expectations fulfilled and know that it was worth the wait. The single "Angel Liz" is without a doubt in a deeper bond between the singer-songwriter and the post-rock scene who yearns to heard.

A heartfelt triumph of euphoria and melancholia, that shines a magnificent blue and yet calming light in the dark. You can describe "Angel Liz" in so many sublime ways but never anything less then one gracious classic masterpiece. Albert af Ekenstam is planned to release his full debut album in September 2016 — this will surely be something we can expect to make us reach higher grounds. After listening to his second single we can all be safe to know that this album will bring the music scene something extra ordinary and unique.

"...breath out. The journey has just begun."

1. Angel Liz

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