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Anna von Hausswolff - Singing From the Grave

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Catalogue No.: KD076
Release date: 5 May 2010

6/6 GAFFA 5/5 Arbetarbladet 5/5 Göteborgs-Posten 5/5 City Skåne 5/5 RADAR Magazine 9/10 Sonic Magazine 9/10 Rocky 5/6 Aftonposten (no) 5/6 Dagbladet (no) 5/6 Nöjesguiden 4/5 Dagens Nyheter 4/5 Aftonbladet 4/5 Dagens Industri

Everyone who hears Anna von Hausswolff sing, immediately stops, listens and gets touched by her magic. Her voice is that of total expression. Sometimes it caresses you, sometimes it roars up a storm; but it always finds a very special place in your heart.
The voice perfectly combines total knowledge with a wild and natural feeling, reality with romance.

Would you like to compare it with something from real life? Immediately book a visit to the most spectacular views that Mother nature has to offer, the Angel falls for example - or pay a visit to the Choir of Angels in where Joan As A Police Woman and Antony Hegarty is singing.

Beneath the voice; the arrangements. The piano playing of Anna gives a dramatic and melodic fundament to her voice, the tones that rises from the wooden coffin of the piano are bleeding; con-genially ringing. Instrument and lyrics in harmony. Everyone that gets the opportunity to experience Anna turns out to be missionaries for the good cause. Anna performed her debut gig in the autumn of 2008. Since then, the rumor has spread; being signaled off the rooftops of Göteborg. One show has been added to yet another show; the connection between them all is Anna´s total lack of inhibitions. Whenever it is time for a concert, she is likely to give everything. And more.

On August 14th, Anna performed - as part of Way Out west - within the mighty brick walls of the church of Annedal. The large crowd was spellbound, and the rumor spread faster than a forest fire throughout Sweden. Sara Martinsson interviewed Anna in P3Pop, Björn Schagerström did the same in Groove. GP Unsigned reviewed her MySpace, Tramsessions caught her singing in a tramcar. A so forth.

But still, everything that has already been said is only the small introduction to what soon is to come!

Everyone that listens to Anna von Hausswolff wants to hear more in the very same instant. In February 2010, the first cd-ep of Anna will be released on the eclectic Kning Disk label. This up-and-coming release has yet to find a name, but it is, of course, already the talk of the town, and eagerly longed for. The lucky few that already has had the chance to listen in, is rambling about in a haze of happiness of what Anna and producer Henryk Lipp (Blue for two) has come up with.

When the record is due, I am sure there will be miles after miles of good press-media written about Anna and her record, the praising words of her art will overflow the pages of the papers. Just as it should be. There are but a handful artists of today that invites to such a total love. The simple explanation is that her music is like that; it makes you worship without second thoughts.
It makes writers like me totally forget about sense and objectivity.

But, if you already have heard the music of Anna, you know what I am talking about...

- Johan Jacobsson

1. Move On
2. Track of Time
3. Pills
4. Above All
5. Singing From the Grave
6. Lost at Sea
7. Old Beauty/Du kan nu dö
8. The Book
9. I am Leaving

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