12'' White Label (Ltd Ed 500 Copies) / Cassette (Ltd Ed 100 Copies)
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Hunt - Reset My Bones/Reset My Bones (Niki Yrla Remix) (12'' White Label, KD119. Ltd Ed 100 Copies Only.)
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New Singel by Little Children - By Your Side (7"/DL, KDST001)
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HUNT - DARK COME SOONER (KD114) - Release date 20th of November
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Andreas Söderström & Johan Berthloing - Hotell (KD113) - Release date 2th of October
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Small Feet - Rivers (Video by Oskar Wrangö has been selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick)
The EP; Liar Behind The Sun - a collection of great songs that are witnessing an incredible songwriting ability accompanied by an unique voice. The EP is out on both Vinyl and Cassette. As a first edition, the cassette comes in a navy blue box with silver foiled lid. Each cassette exists in black color with white pad print which is a unique design for this particular edition. Around the cartridge lies an orange slipcase, numbered on the back. In addition the box holds six trading cards and assorted belongings.

-- MISOPHONE & SMALL FEET // RELEASE DATE : 19th/12th of June 2013 --
Misophone -Before the waves roll in (KD110, CD/DL)   Small Feet - Liar Behind The Sun Cassette Edition
Artwork: Jockum Nordström   Artwork: Peter Larsson
-- SMALL FEET & HUNT // RELEASE DATE : 12th of June 2013 --
Small Feet - Liar Behind The Sun EP (KD108, Cass/2x7''/DL)   Hunt - I Left (KD109, 12''/DL)
-- ECHODECK & TEMPEL // RELEASE DATE : 5th of June 2013 --
Echodeck - Flying Machine (KD104, LP/CD/DL)   Tempel - MMXIII (KD105, LP, CD, DL)
-- NEW RELEASE - 29th of May 2013 --
-- Erik Jeor - Ombudsman (KD103) -- Vinyl (Ltd Ed 350 copies only) + DL/Stream
5/5 Nya Upplagan   4/5 IKON   4/5 GP   4/5 Nwt   4/6 Gaffa
Release date: 12 June 2013   Release date: 12 June 2013   Release date: 20 April 2013
Hunt   Small Feet   Ebbot Lundberg
I Left
KD109 (12", DL)
  Liar Behind The Sun EP
KD108 (2x7", Cassette, DL)
  The Homo Erectus EP
KD107 (7", DL)
Release date: 5 June 2013   Release date: 5 June 2013   Release date: 29 May 2013
Tempel   Echodeck   Erik Jeor
KD105 (LP, CD, DL)
  Flying Machine
KD104 (LP/CD/DL)
KD103 (LP/DL)
New Release 20th of April 2013 : Ebbot Lundberg - The Homo Erectus EP (7", Ltd. Ed. 999. KD107)
8.5/10 Ge hit musiken - 5/6 Gaffa - 5/6 Nöjesguiden - 4/5 Aftonbladet - 4/5 Expressen - 4/5 Smp - 4/5 GP - 4/5 Arbetarbladet
NEW RELEASE : The Embassy - Sweet Sensation (LP, CD)
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Release date: 18 Dec 2012   Release date: 5 Dec 2012   Release date: 8 Dec 2012
Silverbullit/Freddie Wadling   El Rojo Adios   Various Artists
Dwelling Place/Interstellar Dweller
KD099 (12")
  El Rojo Adios
KD090 (LP/CD/DL)
  Kning Disk 2005-2012 Box Set
KD100 (4xCD/DL)
Release date: 18 July 2012   Release date: 20 June 2012   Release date: 13 June 2012
Anna von Hausswolff   Andreas Söderström & Johan Berthling   Ebbot Lundberg
KD097 (2xLP/CD/DL)
  30 grader i februari
KD096 (CD/DL)
  There´s Only One Of Us Here
KD095 (LP/CD/DL)
Release date: 14 May 2012   Release date: 22 August 2012   Release date: 13 June 2012
Super!   Dan Fröberg & Alexandra E. Lindh   Jerry johansson
Twa-Lif/Dymaxion Music
KD094 (7"/DL)
  Tingens vilja
KD093 (CD/DL)
  House of Hope
KD092 (CD/DL)
Release date: 30 May 2012   Release date: December 2012   Release date: May 2012
Joakim Åhlund och Jockum Nordström   El Rojo Adios   Fleshquartet
Paddan och Hunden
KD091 (LP/DL)
  El Rojo Adios
KD090 (LP/CD/DL)
  Wallander - The Music
KD089 (3x10" Box set)
Release date: October 2012   Release date: 6 June 2012   Release date: 23 May 2012
Greg Haines   Ripple & Murmur   Finn Loxbo
Moments Eluding
KD088 (LP/CD/DL)
KD085 (CD/DL)
  Lines, Curtains
KD084 (LP/DL)
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